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Collaborating at Work
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We are actively looking for mentors who seek to make a real, lasting difference on our youth? We are seeking individual who are easliy inspired with a cause... you truly care about—and it’s rewarding to see your direct impact!!!


Our Mentorship Program is an opportunity for youth 18-24 year olds to grow professionally by working with a mentor in their field of interest. Mentors share insights about current industry issues, technology, and career paths. They can offer feedback on portfolios, resumes, and cover letters, and provide industry-specific interviewing tips, and help youth make connections and develop professional, communication, and relationship skills.

To be eligible for the mentorship program you must be a 18-24, African American, Minnesota resident, and enrolled in our program. You must also complete and submit an application by the March 2022 deadline.

The program runs April through October and typically begins with an in-person Intake event, which provides an opportunity for students and mentors to meet for the first time. During this initial meeting, pairs will set goals, determine meeting frequency and preferences, and begin identifying various conversation topics, activities, and events they will participate in together during the course of the program. The program officially concludes at our annual Members Appreciation Event in December 2022.

Educating Young Minds

Motivating Empowerment

Elevate Leadership Consulting

Amy Geislinger

Teaching children while providing a safe environment for you to work or attend classes. They provide: 

- Early Childhood Education 

- Tutoring

- Child efficacy

Tony Robinson

We know that untangling your credit can be both stressful and confusing. Send us a message today, and we can get you started on a path to financial confidence. Our service includes your private assessment, contacting creditors on your behalf, sending documentation back and forth, and more. We have been trained on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We also know what items on your report affect your score the most. We don't dispute, We ATTACK!

Linda Bryant

ELEVATE provides coaching, consulting and training supports Executive Leaders, new Supervisors. Linda Bryant, CEO, and Founder of ELEVATE Leadership Consulting. Our goal is to provide you with the best coaching and training that will empower you to focus on leadership skill development, identify and engage at your highest leadership potential, and transition from managing people and things to leading with confidence and success at work, home, and in your community.


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