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Community involvement is so crucial because of the on going challenges in our community, which directly affects you and what you do! The crime rate in our community affects our security, the lack of functional families affect our future , the lack of resources for disable children create hardship for the child and family. 


Our Non-Profit has three programs that we focus on Youth Development, Community Engagement, and Our Foundations. Our Organization provides programming where youth can come in and acquire skills that will help them be successful, With Community Engagement we work with other like minded organizations to create meaningful programming, last but now least we created a Foundation that provides resources and Monetary Value.


Youth development programs build their services and activities around the SOS structure, ideally using a broad range of community partnerships to implement this multi-faceted model and create the rich environ- ment that youth need to be successful. Organizations implement the youth development approach by:

Providing services for youth that

  • Ensure that basic needs—physical and psycho- logical health, food and shelter, safety, and other needs—are met, both in the short term and over time

  • Provide a foundation of well-being that frees youth to focus on developmental tasks

  • Treat youth with respect and involve them in decision making around service delivery


Providing opportunities for youth to

  • Be involved in decision making

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Be meaningfully engaged in community life and make real contributions

  • Develop and test new knowledge and practical skills

  • Experience success

Community Enagement


Our Foundation

We work in collaboration with other Community organizations to create programming to assist with the economy disparity.

We provide customized skilled training for young adults, which allows them to become self sufficient and self confident while obtain substance career.

We have established two foundations that focus on children with disabilities and child who loss their mothers at young ages. We provide resources and monetary support to help them until they become adults.


Flower in Sunlight


Helping one community and family at a time.

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